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Employment and integration Support

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Are you a media professional from Hong Kong and wish to start a career in the UK?

Get in touch and we will help you along the way.

Our mission is to provide you with the people, places and resources you need to thrive in your new home. The four pillars of our services are:

  • Defending press freedom
  • Professional training
  • Employment assistance
  • Members self-help
Defending press freedom
We will continue to monitor the state of press freedom in Hong Kong. When appropriate, we will unite with members and international allies to speak out for the media professionals who are behind bars and unfairly treated.

Professional training

With the help of our international allies, we will launch courses to further enhance our members’ capabilities, such as cyber security, using multimedia to enhance news reporting。

Employment assistance

We will post some information on media vacancies on this webpage so that members who are interested in re-entering the press overseas can resume their career in media field as soon as possible.

Members self-help

We emigrated from repressed Hong Kong to all over the world in search of a new life. From finding suitable accommodation to seeking psychological and emotional counseling services, our members can obtain reliable information through our membership network. In case of need, we will refer the member’s enquiry to professionals with the consent of the member.
More details will soon be available.