WHO WE are


Hong Kong Media Overseas CIC (“HKMO”) is an association of media professionals who have worked in Hong Kong or have been associated with the Hong Kong media and are now located overseas. We also welcome individuals in the Hong Kong diaspora who are joining the media profession for the first time to become our members too.


  • As a professional body, we strive to foster and encourage our members to apply the highest professional standards in their work, defend the freedom of the press wherever it is being threatened or violated and help our members to develop media careers by providing training and organising mutual help.
  • We especially want to acknowledge the tenacity and courage of our colleagues in the media who remain in Hong Kong and are determined to provide information about what is happening in Hong Kong to the rest of the world. We are equally aware of the dangers they face and the mounting obstacles to freedom of expression. For this reason we are dedicated to using our residence overseas to keep the spirit and  tradition of a free Hong Kong media alive. We shall ensure that our colleagues in Hong Kong who have been wrongfully detained and deprived of their fundamental rights are not forgotten.
  • Moreover, due to limited possibilities of access to independent
    information inside Hong Kong we will also endeavour to disseminate news and views that the authorities within the Special Administrative Region seek to suppress.
  • Hong Kong has been an important conduit through which censored news about China filters through to the rest of the world but that function is being actively blocked by the governments of Hong Kong and China. We shall therefore keep that conduit open as much as possible.
  • We shall liaise with international journalists’ organisations to
    monitor media violations and attacks on freedoms in Hong Kong and also in China.
  • We shall assist former Hong Kong media professionals to rebuild their lives and find work opportunities to resume their media careers in their new overseas locations. We shall also work with other organisations to help with professional development and advanced training to our members.
Journalists on duty at the Hong Kong democratic movements


(in alphabetical order)

Joseph Po-Kong Ngan


Journalist, writer, lecturer – Ngan founded Hong Kong’s first 24-hour Finance Channel of the Hong Kong news channel i-CABLE News.

Jane Poon


Editor-in-Chief of the online news platform “The Points” – Poon worked at the Next Magazine in Hong Kong.

Steve Vines


Award-winning writer, journalist and broadcaster for major international outlets – Vines covered Hong Kong since 1987 and exited  the city in 2021.

Chun-Yin Chris Wong


Journalist, broadcaster, content creator – Wong runs a successful digital-native newsroom that is the epitome of contemporary digital journalism.


Dr Joseph Yi-Zheng Lian


Renowned scholar, author, journalist and economist – Lian was the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Economic Journal and has published widely in academic and mass media outlets, such as the New York Times.


The AOHKMP is working with other media organisations to promote press freedom and enhance professionalism
We are currently working with The National Union of Journalists (UK), The International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders (RSF). It is our intention to cooperate with other organisations who share our objectives in the future.