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Upholds press freedom & supports HK media professionals overseas

We are a Community Interest Company that connects Hong Kong overseas media professionals with each other and keeps the spirit of a free media in Hong Kong alive.

Association of Overseas Hong Kong Media Professionals CIC (AOHKMP)

Journalists on duty at the Hong Kong democratic movements


The Association of Overseas Hong Kong Media Professionals CIC ( “AOHKMP”) is an association of media professionals who have worked in Hong Kong or have been associated with the Hong Kong media and are now located overseas. We shall defend the freedom of the press wherever it is being threatened or violated and help our members to rebuild their lives in their new overseas locations. We shall work with other international organisations to help with professional development and advanced training to our members.


We see it as our responsibility to use the freedoms that prevail outside Hong Kong to campaign for press freedom and to highlight the plight of those who remain in the HKSAR. We also see the Association as providing a network for journalists overseas and, where possible, to provide tangible support to our members by way of training or in a range of matters concerning daily life.

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International Cooperation

We sincerely thank our international partners for joining hands with us to help keep the tradition of a free Hong Kong media alive.


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